Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and how was this day necessary?

What's in my bag;
So everyone (guys) thinks I carry everything with me in my bag. That's not exactly true.. This is what's in my bag and not so much more than that; pink notebook for class, smaller Rilakkuma notebook (kinda like a calendar), cellphone, wallet, MDH-card (so I can go by bus for free, etc.), and my make up! :) Also I have to carry around an English dictionary (since I study English).

So today our "class" was really short so I had to wait for the bus for like an hour or something... and I almost fell asleep while on the bus. I'm soooo tired! First thing I thought when the alarm went off this morning was "neeeeeeeejjjj........!!", and y'all should know what that Swedish word means by now. :P

Although I guess most of you have way worse school days than I do, haha



Kakazinha said...

I also carry it in the bag.
I loved your stuff

Pink Kisses♥

Tommy said...

Ohhh I have the same cellphone with almost the same cutie thing on the top of it ~ sweet ^^

Tirin said...

Tommy: You do?? awesome ;D