Thursday, August 5, 2010

Went to Stockholm today

So I went to Stockholm today. It's kinda annoying how people never sit next to strangers on busses! They take up all seats when they do that. It's stupid... Anyway, we walked a lot so I'm exhausted now! Didn't eat any lunch either... Oh there was this awesome tree that looked like a summer-christmas tree!

I like Stockholm, I kinda feel like a tourist (since I am) and at the same time I don't (because I'm Swedish). I mean, there are a lot of tourists there and that's awesome, I like them! haha People stared at me there... >_>

I'm sorry about the lack of Tilde-pics, but there will be... next week :D Or well, here's an old one, just because!

I'm so tired today! I have to rest a lot tomorrow because on Saturday it's time for a Swedish tradition called Kräftskiva! Yeah! I'll tell you guys more about that later... but I will take pics and yeah... you'll see!


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