Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is the title... kinda

Here's another ego pic for you!
Why do my eyes look brown in this one?
Soooo.... umm people these days keep hating on my make up (ok like two people this month or so, and like.. no one before that). And this one random weirdo started calling me "fake", "barbie" (used it as a bad word, however that's possible), and stuff like that, so I started arguing with him. Of course I won (inofficially), but then Shinai told me to be the more mature one, so I stopped. Anyway, thanks Shinai for defending me from losers like that, you're awesome (but not as awesome as I am, sorry darling!) ~♥ Although I don't really need being defended.

Today I have to watch some childish movie with my sister... (don't let that fool you, she's 20!) and now I'm gonna let you know that soon I'll be making a video blog in spanish!! YEAH! Because I "promised" Matías. You'll see Matías, my Spanish is pure awesomeness!!



Maya said...

wooow that sad to find this poeple TOT !! there are some jaelous poeple TOOT

Tilde said...

yeah, there are some very insecure people out there, who just have to talk down on strangers like that, just to make themselves feel better. it's sad, but i'mma learn not to waste my precious time on them :)

Aidyl said...

Yeh some people just have too much time. If they dont like what they see, why dont they just move on~. meeh~~!
Anyways, I love your make up! Its true gyaruish~~ envy you! >__<
Anyways, started following youe blog now. ^^

Tilde said...

i agree, why bother writing to a stranger just to complain? it's not like she would change just because in his opinion, she wears too much make up!!

and thank you! :)

Shahana Style said...

Haters? I love your make. Oh well. They will be everywhere at any stage in life. What's sad is that there are so many keyboard warriors who wouldn't say a shred of any of it to your face. Bah.

Welcome to the blog-sa, btw.

Tilde said...

thank you :) yeah i know! why would they make mean comments to people in another country that they have no idea who they are? doesn't make any sense to just randomly "attack" people like that. and it was a 25 YEAR OLD GUY! that's the sadest part xD