Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This does work - no matter how much you want to deny it

I started my morning with watching this video by JennaMarbles on youtube (actually I found the video on a Swedish blog, so I watched it there, but still):

Haha she's funny... and the "sad" part is she actually does look better with all that make up. I think the hair is the key to looking good though. She doesn't need that much make up, the hair does the trick to look a billion times better, right? Her eyes look way bigger with make up on though, instead of looking smaller and making her look a little sleepy. But I'm not gonna give her critique, she seems like a great girl (even though she sorta makes fun of make up and girls wearing it). Haha love the ending :)

There's also this video on how to look super duper ugly!! haha (No I'm not on youtube much, so I just found these videos).

Aww it's raining today...


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Cherry_drug said...

haha, funny videos :D