Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shopping... :'D

So today I went shopping and I think I bought too much... I always feel so guitly for buying much, but I can't help it, I loooove shopping!
I found these jeans at H&M for just 99SEK! How could I not buy them?? H&M's jeans are weird though... they're big compared to jeans at other stores! When I bought my pair of BIKBOK-jeans, I could barely fit in to their size 26, but now I took a 25 and it's still big! H&M jeans are designed for people with weird asses...

I also found this super adorable pink heart-ring at Glitter! I just needed it! xD And yes, I have to fix my nailpolish...  I'm gonna try a new style I haven't tried before :) Hmm... I need a boyfriend or something to pay for my shopping, any volunteer? ;D haha


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