Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movie night with family :)

So I went to the cinema yesterday and we watched Inception! I loved that movie, it was cool! :D Now I'm going to watch Shutter Island with my family.. oh and I watched that "new" Sherlock Holmes movie yesterday as well with my brother...

So I was "reading" a Ranzuki magazine and I got inspired... Därav rosetten! :) Anyway, a few days ago I wrote an e-mail to a girl from Philippines that I haven't talked to since last year, and now we're keeping in contact again, so I'm happy! ^^



Kilala Michi said...

CUTE!!!!!!! *3*

Tirin said...

thank you ^^

Jen N. said...

thanks for following ^^
you're really pretty, by the way!
well, all the Swedish people I have met are pretty in general!

Tirin said...

sure, i like your blog!
and thank you! :)

Maya said...

heya is maya from interpals :3 !

wooow i like this picture :3
you really look like of modele from ranzuki *OOO* !!

i was see this movie with my friend and in the end that make me crazy xDD because i don't understand very is very strange movie :CC
but i love sherlock holmes *O*