Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Improvised deco art :)

I want blog sisters! You know... other girls with blogs that you can guest write at their blogs and they can do it on mine, etc. Anyway, today I was bored and felt i needed to decorate something, and this is how it turned out:

I don't have any real deco art stuff, so I had to improvise... I took some palettes and some nail art, plus two butterflies that used to be on a pair of old shoes of mine! Of course it would look better if I had stones and such, but as we say in Sweden "man tager vad man haver" ;) Plus it still looks better than it did before.

TADAAAH! Done! Or I might decorate the back of the mirror as well...

I really want real deco art things (like they have in Japan), but you can't buy them here in Sweden (what I know of)... That sucks!! Moreover, I love Anberlin- Impossible! ♥ Appearantly they held a concert at a festival here in Sweden last weekend. I wish I would've been there!



Ayame said...

That's so pretty!

Are those little circles pieces of metal? They look like it. *is new to decoden*

Tilde said...

no they're not metal, they're sequin like on clothes and such.. so i guess... plastic :'D