Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm off to Norberg...

Here's the new look of my cellphone!
So since I'm not going to Stockholm today with the people I went to Japan with, my mom forces me and my brother to go with them to Norberg for another kräftskiva. I don't even eat crayfish so it's not that fun for me...

Okay, the thing is... I know I have quite many readers here on my blog, but I rarely get any comments people! >_< I mean.. it's not like I'm blogging to become famous or anything (I do it because I love it!), but it would be fun if people showed some appreciation every once in a while.

Also, I need someone who's an expert in html to fix the layout of my blog. I'm sooo done with experimenting with the codes and such :(

I have to get ready now... I'll bring my laptop, but I don't know if I'll have any internet access there. Anyhow, I'll make videos and take lots of pics, so don't worry! :)



MitikaFe said...

I'm in love with you and with your blog *_*
But i think...(and sorry for my english , it is very bad and stupid -?-)...umh....!
Do you have a It's so cute...because comments are bored :/

maria said...

fin blogg!

Tirin said...

MitikaFe: Thanks :) no i don't... not sure what that is...? xD

maria: tack så mycket :)

mitikafe said...
It's a site where you can do questions C:
It's so cute!