Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm ego today, deal with it!

Hmm I look weird when I smile like this... Anyway! Our thingy to the TV is broken, so I can't watch TV! Aaaaahhh!! They better fix it soon because on my b-day there is a new show on! I can't miss it, it's with my favorite guys (Erik & Mackan, loooove them ♥)! This really sucks... means I'm gonna use my laptop even more than before until I can watch TV again, hah! (omg, what a life I have.. xD)



emilia said...

niiice blog you have, do you live in sweden or? Haven't followed you before soo need a cath up, haha! ;)

Tirin said...

ja jag bor i sverige :) men förhoppningsvis inte länge till! flyttar gärna utomlands ett tag, eller iaf reser, haha..