Sunday, August 1, 2010

Here is my room.. xD

It's 15.00 and I'm eating breakfast. I've been cleaning all day! At least my room looks much better than it did before, haha.. I'll show you a little of my room... And yes, I want white walls, but my dad refuses to paint them even when I say I would help!! Anyway, here it is;

Drawers, desk, closets...  Aww it looks so bad on photos... I love having the pink dress there, it looks cute! Plus there's a hole in that dress, so I need to fix it before I can use it again... The stuff hanging there are stuffed animals from graduation, haha. Dunno what to do with them...

Close up... Look, more clothes hiding under the desk!

This is what's on my desk... Actually, the pink cloth-thing is a scarf :D

Totally Tilde-ish..!
Oh and look who I have in my room;

It's the ice cream-man!!! ☆


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