Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy b-day to me!!!!!...?

Uuuuhh so today wasn't exactly the birthday wake up I expected. Instead of my family singing for me, my mom walked into my room alone. She said one sentence before bursting into tears; "Granddad's dead". So she sat down on my bed and I just hugged her for a while. Crying can be so contagious...

So downstairs, I met my dad and broher who said happy b-day to me and I got presents (just money and chocolate), but everyone was so quiet and sad, it felt like I was bothering them for having my b-day today.

Money and Merci-chocolate (I also got ice cream - my family's trying to fatten me!!)

So right now I think I'll get some more sleep... I have fix a few things for school today... Uuuuhhh this b-day sucks... But thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday! ♥

R.I.P. Morfar †
Requiescat in pace



R said...

Grattis och beklagar sorgen får man väl säga då.

Omid Rey said...

happy birthday!
God bless your grand dad!