Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of uni! ~♫

Sooo, today was the first day of uni, and of course I had a pink notebook with me :) Tomorrow (and pretty much the rest of the semester) I'll have to go to another city to study. About 50min by bus, fun...! I have to get almost 17 different books during this course, and 7 of them are literary books! How am I supposed to read 7 books during a couple of weeks? I never read books!!!

Uhhhh tomorrow I have to get up really ealy to get my MDH- card (MDH = the school) so I can go by bus for free everyday. I hope I'll get it right away (as my cousin said) or else I'll have to pay to go to Eskilstuna...  Hmm there are lots of foreigners and older people in this course...

On Thursday, my Korean friend Giiiiiiiiiiiiiii is comiiiiiing! My friend Pontus who's apoted from Korea really wants to meet him. It'll be fun :P



アンア said...

That lip color looks really nice on you ^^ where did you get it ?

Katy said...

I love this ego pic I am so jealous of your hair! How do you get it to be so curly with out being frizzy!?