Thursday, August 26, 2010

Carpe diem, ffs!

No ego pics today, just my thoughts (I have only applied mascara on one eye so far anyway, haha)...

Sooo, since all the plans I had for this fall don't seem to be happening, David and I are talking about going to Japan in September and stay there for one month. I'd love to visit again, and it'd be so much more fun to not have such a busy schedule as I had last time when I went there with people from school. So it'd be a little more than a month in amazing Tokyo! That sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Well the thing is.. we're not exactly rich (students, or at least former students...), so we can't really afford a hotel. I'd want to stay at friends' houses, but we could also stay at a hostel or something, because it's kinda cheap. I mean, we won't book anything before going there, and people say this is jus crazy talk, but why not do it?

I want to go on a spontanious trip, just like an adventure, explore, meet new people, just LIVE! People don't seem to think I can do it. I know I love spending money, and I will miss the "luxery" of home, but why wouldn't I be able to do it? Hotels are just a place to sleep and leave your luggage anyway, why would we need something expensive?

I think it'd be an awesome experience and I totally think I could do it. Why wouldn't I?? What is the reason I would fail in this?? Just because I love shopping, and I can sometimes come off as a little snobby (which I'm not), doesn't mean I can't live by the words "carpe diem"! This has been my dream for sooo long! Why is everyone trying to stop me??

They say "you're not being realistic", well since when has that stopped mankind?? Was it realistic going to the moon? Is it realistic to climb goddamn mountains just because? I say FUCK BEING REALISTIC! This isn't about being realistic, it's about going after an adventure, a dream! Since when are dreams realistic?!

I know people are trying to show me they care or whatever, but if they really cared, wouldn't they support me then? Guess what, I'm gonna prove all of you wrong, so in your face! Being realistic is just being boring.


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