Friday, August 27, 2010

All the Lovely blog-sa ladies!

Lovely Blog-sa updates!

Chaudie has been writing about western gyaru's guide to perfect skin! Nice ;D
Jen's most recent post is a music video of BigBang
Len made her "before school update"
Lu wrote a post about Artbox Haul.
Tini got a new bag and some good news! :P
Sharona wrote "Letter to Beate"
Shahana wrote (besides about this Blog-sa) an apology for not blogging much.. >_<
Fuyume made a post about designer stuff she bought
Except for a blog-sa update, Alicia made a post of a style update!
Ayame's post was called "Giveaway: Renee"
Suzanne made a post about some cute stuff she bought
Last but not least, Elena made two cute gyaru wallpapers!


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