Monday, August 16, 2010

2 weeks to 19! ☆

So I turn 19 in two weeks now and I'm trying to find stuff to wish for my b-day, haha :) I found these adorable deco stuff with Rilakkuma from Strapya world:
And these super cute earphones that I want!:

Also these and these deco things with Hello Kitty (even though I'm no fan of HK anymore):

So if you live in Japan (or anywhere else) feel free to send me a small b-day gift from Strapya world on August 30th! It will be very appreciated! but you better hurry because shipping takes up to 14 days!

Oh wait, I want this really bad (especially the pink or silver one) too:

And I also want cushions from LizLisa, they're so cute! ♥

Haha okay I'll stop it... but you can't forget to wish me a happy birthday at least!


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