Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Picknick with Lina :)

Today I went on a picknick with my close friend Lina! It was so much fun, we talked about everything there is to talk to and it was such nice weather :) Here we are; aren't we sooooo damn cute? ♥

Anyway, we saw some adorable baby ducks! I took photos of them, but they weren't good :( Anyway, after having talked for hours we went to a park where some alcoholics talked to us (seriously, I have a curse or something, making all drunks talk to me). Then we were approached by some guys who looked like 15-16years old though they said they were 17. This was our conversation: 
"Do you have a boyfriend?" 
"What's his name?"
     Umm.. deaf? Anyway, they wouldn't leave us alone before they got hugs but then one of them came back and wanted us to come and talk to some people behind a bush (he even grabbed my wrist and pulled me) saying "Come hang out with us", so I was like:
"Umm, they're alcoholics..."
"But they're fun."
Riiiight.... Dunno how much perfume they had on, coz now I smell like them. Need to shower ;) And now I'm gonna have a late dinner! This day was great though, had so much fun ^^

My awesome bag.

xoxo ミ☆

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