Thursday, July 29, 2010

Night out

Lina and I went out yesterday, first at my place and talked about stuff. On our way to the centre we saw a baby frog, so small and cute! I picked it up and helped it to the water :)

I know I said I'd go clubbing yesterday, but it was kinda dead out, or like really drunk 18 year olds, so we decided to go for an evening walk instead! We ended up at the harbour with dead feet. I mean, high heels are not the ideal going-for-a-long-walk-shoes. And as usual, weird people flirted with us. This one guy was like "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, EXCUSE ME!" and when we didn't reply he kicked on my shoe! like wtf! Then he was like "I'm sorry... Do you know Västerås?"
Me: "mhm..."
Him: "Do you know Västerås?"
Me: "mhmmmm!!"
Him: "Mhmm? Västerås.. is it right? left?"
Lina: "This is Västerås..."
Him: "Is this Västerås???"
So we turned to leave and he said: "You're so beautiful! you're stunning!" blah blah blah... he was like 38 or something. Uuuuhhh, I hate guys like that. Anyway, we went home for some ice cream and then we watched TV and fell asleep at 4 AM. It was nice :)


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