Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

Hiya!! :) I'm back from my Germany+Luxembourg-trip! It was sooo hot there and really nice, but I missed home a lot.. haha... It's funny how people there seemed to find me more exotic than the Asian tourists ^^ Anyway, time for some pictures!:

Reil, by Mosel! :) our small village...
At the hotel's restaurant... awesome food! :)

Out.. in the village... kinda dead...

I'm so short! >_<

From the boat (båtN^, haha)
In Luxembourg! I liked it there! :D
Except... there was a hole in my dress!!! So I had to cover it all the time, it was so annoying and the dress is kinda new (my mom shouldn't wash my clothes again), it suuuucked!! haha

"Hi, this is a photo of me!!"
Castle... there was nothing to see there though (except for the view), just a group of Americans at a café.. xD

Me being ego in the car :)

That's all for now, I'm too exhausted to write a lot or show more pics, but I just have to say that Germans really suuuuck at English! Almost no one spoke English, not even at the hotel (luckily, my dad knows some German)! And I really liked Luxembourg and I want to go back someday, when I'm not wearing a dress with a hole in it.... :)

xoxo ミ☆


johnson said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun ;D haha what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Cati said...

haha right ; ) mm not sure... hopefully i'll travel someplace else, but we'll see... you seem to travel a lot though!

johnson said...

pick somewhere warm and fun :D haha it's my last day in asia right now :(...and then work starts next week (or the drug test starts next week haha) i hope work is funnn :D