Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I got the graduation photo today! :)

Here it is, can you find me (yeah, it's so difficult...)?
So I got the catalogue with graduation photos of the classes from three high schools here in town (same schools that competed in Junitrofén). I'll only show you my class though... Hmm it feels kinda weird that we're not a class anymore...

Anywaaay, it's really hot here these days I can barely fall asleep at night because of the heat. It sucks >_> Also, I hate when people assume it's always cold here.. Whyyyy?! I know Sweden is in the north of Europe, but this isn't the North Pole, get some geography lessons!! Hmm.. I'm gonna go eat some strawberries now :)

xoxo ミ☆


Julien said...

sweden = north pole , it's obvious :p

if you can't sleep in sweden , u'll never sleep here then , 23 degrees at 6 am in paris .. i let you guess the afternoon !

Kiss (l)

Tirin said...

haha elakt.. i can always sleep when i'm abroad too, doesn't matter if it's warm, it's the same here xD and IT'S NOT THE NORTH POLE xD