Sunday, June 6, 2010


Okay, I'm gonna be honest; I still read Ranzuki and Egg, but I stopped liking gyaru fashion after I went to Shibuya and saw them for myself. It just hit me; it's so stupid! All the girls on the forums trying to tell others what is gyaru and what isn't.. - whyyyy are you trying to be like people who are trying to be like you???

Gyarus try to look western, everyone knows that.. coloring their hair, fixing their eyes, wearing color contact lenses, etc... Sure, it looks cute and all, but why do we need that when we already look western? xD and people telling me I don't look very gyaru (I'm not trying to?), even though I am what the gyarus are trying to look like; a blonde, western girl! Aaaah I just don't get it anymore.

I do love the fashion magazines though.

Anyway... gonna watch a movie with my sister now :)

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