Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There, I have a webcam :)

I'm watching TV with the dog and I finally understood how the webcam works, thanks to Emil xD Now I made it sound like I suck at computers, but I'm really awesome, just not this time... To celebrate my webcamness (???), here are three webcam photos that look about the same (except I look a little fat in the 2nd one)!;

I looooove my necklace, so pretty! ♥  It's the one I got for my graduation, by SNÖ :) Today I did something I neeeever do; I slept during the day, omg!! I like what a teacher said during graduation; för att uppleva saker du aldrig upplevt, måste du göra sådant du aldrig tidigare gjort. (you guys can translate that yourself).

Btw, I'm going to Germany next week! Can't remember for how long or what the place's name is, but it'll be fun! It seems so beautiful there! Sucks that I don't have my stupid camera though... >_<

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Julien said...

älskar det !! :) <3