Saturday, June 12, 2010

☆ STUDENTEN 2010! ☆

HELL YEAH!!! Get ready for a looooooot of photos!! Wohoooo!! :D:D (okay not that many...)
People on the school yard waiting for the students!
My aunt's husband took a closeup photo xD

My best friend and I!

and again ♥

and just me...

FLAKET! The most fun thing of the day! I'm the blonde on the left

Guys: Ahmed, Iordan, Victor
Girls: me, Z, Anna

Ahmed, Iordan, Victor
Anna, me, Nathalie, Z, Julia, Louisa

After "flaket" I went home to meet relatives and get presents :D Didn't have much time to eat though, since we were going to Mattias house to meet before going to the big party! The party was okay, a lot of really drunk teenagers, but yeah.. it was fun... xD

At Mattias', writing in each others' caps!

At the club... Jacob, Tobias, Z, me and Lina!

Now time for my presents! I got a lot of flowers and money (I'm gonna guy a laptop or something! Yay!), and I got two new necklaces and three new bracelets, buuut also these things:

Wiiiieee.... :D

Bracelet 1; it's got like a little lizard strap, so cute!

Bracelet 2 and necklace 1; simple silver :)

Bracelet 3 & necklace 2; SNÖ of Sweden, love it!! ♥

Oh and by the way... my camera broke today (I dropped it on the floor...xD) and I won't get it back until July 3rd!! She said I might get it earlier than that, but it's still a long time! :( Until then I'll have to take photos with my cellphone... Aww I already miss my camera... < / 3

xoxo ミ☆


Maya said...

wooow i'm really surprised *O* because in france is not really that :CC !! you can just doing party with your friend but not very funny to end the school TOT !!
but why you wear A hat of sailor???

kim23 said...

what beautiful presents! My favorite gifts are bracelet 3 and necklace 2 from Sno of Sweden! I absolutely love them! Happy Birthday to you!