Sunday, June 6, 2010

Strawberry pie~♫

HI GUYS! I just made strawberry pie! :D Soooo delicious~♥ Can't wait to try it, but I have to wait until after dinner... (._.') So today I was supposed to go to a music festival (no idea what kind of music they play, but it seemed like fun), but one of my friends got sick and the other one is too tired to go, so I'll just stay at home with my family, eating my awesome strawberry pie instead ;)


xoxo ミ☆


nastya said...

Wow, it looks sooo delicious!
can you tell me, whats the recipe do you use?

Maya said...

Miammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think is very very delicious *OOO* ahah !! because i love strawberries :3