Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today it was Utklädnadsshowen (masquerade show, I'll show you photos later, when I find some)! It was great, but my class didn't win, aww... the crowd thought we should have though :) Don't tell anyone, but my class had been drinking all morning so they kinda should have been disqualified or something, but I guess no one could tell, despite the fact that tell screamed like crazy people when they shouldn't. Oh well, it was still fun, and fun to see all the classes' performances!

(The right class didn't win)

Tomorrow I have no classes, I'm just going to "fika" with my Japanese class! Sebastian said he wants us to eat sushi, but I'm not too sure about that... xD It'll be fun though, I love those people - they're awesome~♥

xoxo ミ☆

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