Monday, June 7, 2010

och så finns det dom som har flera hundra dagar kvar! ♫

Mm I'm eating my strawberry pie leftovers. It's even better today... :'D Anyway, today I had Latin class (we met for 25min to sing the song we're going to preform at our graduation, and yes, it's a song in Latin...) and then I had French class where we talked and ate chocolate! :)

Now I'm gonna look at the photos Alexandra gave me on a DVD today... They're photos from our Japan trip 6-14/3 2010! I still haven't gotten the photos from Linda yet... I'll post some of Alex's photos if I find something I like ;)

xoxo ミ☆


Minty said...

Vad fina shorts! Var har du köpt dem? :)

Tirin said...

hängselbyxor från H&M, fast de är gamla :)