Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hmm, I actually do look good in red...?

Third post of the day, wow, that's bad. I need to find something else to do :P anyways, I was just thinking... why do some girls want to have really short hair?? It looks so masculine (It's okay for women over 40 though... ;P)!! Am I (and my sister) the only one(s) to think like that? A couple of nights ago I actally dreamed that I had to cut my hair really short, and it was such a nightmare!! So scary and horrible! Worse than my zombie nightmares :(:(:(:(

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Julien said...

just it looks good on some women , but for the big part of them , it'z cuter when it's long ! u're one of the examples , stay like this fÖR LIVET ! ^^
kiss <3