Thursday, June 10, 2010

Åracet + ådraget + klä vagnen

Today I bought two new lipsticks! :)
but that's not what today's post is about...

This is åracet, a race in the water between all classes in every year, so there are three races in total. My class didn't win, since they had dressed up as ninjas, which wasn't the best disguise to wear...
After åracet, it was time for ådraget! Ådraget is a tug-of-war-ish competition between students and teachers! The loser will end up in the water... but the teachers were cheating! They brought backup, which was these guys:
Though the students were cheating too, since they used a tractor to pull the rope...

So after those competitions, my class and I went to our own tractor, which we'll use tomorrow when cruising around town after the ceremony in school ;) Of course we ad to decorate it first though.

Also, here is what I want to wear to the graduation party tomorrow:
but those shoes are killing me :(

We'll see if I can post photos from my graduation tomorrow... I'm not sure since I'll be at that party until 2am... but I might be able to post something before I go there.

xoxo ミ☆

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