Friday, May 21, 2010


So today was the Troy vs Sparta-day, and almost everyone in the class ran around fighting each other with plastic swords... I didn't have a sword though, because I was the princess of Troy (okay, it was really because we ran out of swords, but I was still the princess)! L & Z were my philosophers!
People in the classroom

Princess of Troy and the Philosophers! (Z is covering my face!!!)

I want a dress in this color...

Look, I even did my hair Troy-ish

It was kinda difficult to take photos of the class since they were running around all the time, so these ones will have to do (yeah, most of them are of me, haha). I loved dressing up like this, everyone, even strangers smiled at us, except for girls around our age, they gave us bitchy looks instead...!

xoxo ミ☆


Julien said...

stay in Troyan clothes , it's so nice on you ;)

Tirin said...

so you want me to dress in sheets for the rest of my life? ;P