Saturday, May 1, 2010

"BBQ" party yesterday...

Well there wasn't much BBQ-ing, mostly just drinking (don't worry, I didn't drink much at all, which there was a girl complaining about, telling us to pretend that we were drunk [wtf??]) ... Anyhow, it was fun :) There were a lot of people from school there that I hadn't seen before... xD and there was this one really sweet girl who said I look like an angel with my hair, aww :')
CLICK THE PHOTO (so it looks better) :D
During the day (before the party), I went shopping with Lina. I bought that denim playsuit I wanted! So I'm bringing it to Rome! Also, there was this 40-45 years old non-Swedish man who said (but in Swedish); "Oh I love Sweden! Beautiful women!" and he wanted us to try strawberries he was selling, but I politely said "no thanks", and then he was like "I have one question", so I looked at him and he went "What's your name?". I turned away and rolled my eyes as he started guessing my name and he finally decided that "Felicia! Your name is Felicia, I think it's Felicia!".........

This is probably my last post before leaving for Rome! I'm leaving in about 16,5 hours! Yesterday morning I'll arrive in Rome and I'll make sure to take a lot of photos, maybe even more than in Japan! haha I'll try to get my friends to pose with me ;)

Have fun at home while I'm enjoying a school trip/vacation with friends in sunny Italy (though Lina says it'll rain there...)! As always, don't miss me too much! I'll bring my cellphone (if someone feels like texting me and wishing me a wonderful trip, but I might not reply)! :D Hejdåååååå ♥

xoxo ミ☆

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