Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's warmer here than in Barcelona! :)

at least according to every newspaper... Awesome :) and after having been outdoors, I just felt like doing my makeup (with no eyeliner, omg!!) so yeah, this is what I look like with straight hair and less makeup than usually!
I took Lilly out in the sunshine! She hates grass though, so she always refuses to leave my (or in this case, Eric's) arm/hand... We haaaave to have weather like this on graduation day (which is in just 20 days)!!

I know bathrooms aren't ideal for taking photos, haha... but the light there is great! Sunlight ^^

xoxo ミ☆


JulieN said...

du är bäst ;)

Cati said...

tack, jag vet ;P