Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's only Wednesday but already WEEKEND! :D

HEJ! I'm not writing so much these days! Since it's my weekend now, I can write though :) Today my class is having a BBQ-party, but I won't be going since I promised David that I'd meet him! ^^ We're going to the centre of this "wonderful" city of Västerås, and he's going to be illegal and buy alcohol for a girl that isn't old enough to buy herself (you have to be 20, and there's only one store where you can buy alcohol at, except for cider or beer etc. which you can find a little here and there)! Omg, bad boy!!

I want to meet my friend Pontus' dog! It's soooooo adorable!! I need to take photos of it next time I see it! It's a little white fluffy Japanese Spitz puppy :D It's like a bigger version of my future dog (a Pomeranian)! I feel like kidnapping it! :D

Anyway, David's waiting! Gotta go now!

xoxo ミ☆


Kitty said...


Jag hittade din bild på denna sida! :o Det står lite om gyaru stilen på "utländska" tjejer :)

Tirin said...

hahaha vad kul :D:D

Anonymous said...

du måste ha förfört david jätte duktigt då