Monday, May 17, 2010


Look at this awesome colorful photo I took last September!
Lovely weather this week ♥ Anyway, this week will be fun (or well, friday will be fun) in school!! I'm dressing up in blue sheets, gladiator sandals and fighting for TROY against Sparta in "the battle of Greece"! haha :) Half of the class will dress up in red and fight for Sparta though, but we're gonna kick their asses!!! >:O

Next week, we'll dress up in our best clothes and have a formal "dinner" in the cafeteria and one person in my class will "propose" to a first-grader :) Also, we'll do a "high school musical" and start singing when everyone's having lunch! It'll be so much fun!!! xD I'll tell you more about it (and other fun events) later!

xoxo ミ☆ 

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