Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't waste your time reading this... :)

It's Friiiiiiday and I'm so bored!! I have to study, but I don't know what to write :( I want to meet with friends... I guess most people think it's weird I'm not the kind of person to go out clubbing every Friday, but really.. don't they have anything better to do than to get drunk every weekend? I just don't get it... (and no offense to you people who are like that). To cheer you up (lol), here's an "old" circle lenses-photo :)
Also, I just have to express my love for this chocolate; Marabou - Polka! I loooove it! ♥ (that's so Swedish of me!) Seriously, it's like the best chocolate! I'm so unhealthy these days... After the weekend I won't eat so much chocolate/ice cream xD Not that I'm gaining any weight or so, but I just feel unhealthy and I don't like it.
Hmm, there are sooo many shows on TV lately about hair! Not very interesting maybe, but I love my hair, though there's this one lock of hair that's weeeeird! I guess it's really damaged so it's kinda frizzy-like, while the rest of the hair is smooth and curly (or whatever). Maybe I should just cut it off and let the "healthy" hair grow out, but it would look really weird with that hair being short and the rest long... my hair is really long!!! When it's straightened, it's reaaaaally long...

xoxo ミ☆

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Jamie said...

You look absolutely like a porcelain doll in this picture it is amazing <3