Friday, May 7, 2010

Barbie Q

HEJ HEJ! I'm back from Italy now!! :D It was fuuuun, but yeah... this is how I'd describe Italy;
1. You'll get something in your eye(s), for sure, several times each day! You won't know what it is, but this might explain why people wear sunglasses even if it's not sunny...
2. If you have long blonde hair and aren't ugly, you'll get the attention of all the guys, in all ages. I got a lot of new nicknames; "Bella" "Barbie" (even "Barbie-Q", haha).... nice.....
3. If you have long blonde hair and aren't ugly, you'll get bitchy looks from the girls. At least they're bitchy according to Z. Not nice....
4. There's noooo shopping! There are two malls, that's it. Even my town has better shopping... :S

Anyway... here are some photos:

It was raining :/
Forum Romanum
Me & Lina
Me at Colosseum
Me & Z
Spanish steps :)
Z & I at the Spanish steps
Dead people... o_O
Beautiful view! ♥
This is what I bought! I would've liked the brown one better if it didn't say "Roma", but whatever! :'D
Last meal with everyone (but Z)!

xoxo ミ☆

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M said...

Men tilde, man åker ju knappast till Rom för att shoppa. Det är bara historik som gäller <3 med andra ord ett paradis =D