Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hej, jag är babyface... >_>
Today we had to listen to various people speaking about why we today will/have work/ed to earn money that we are giving to poor people in Africa (aka no school today)! It wasn't very interesting, especially not when there was this man talking about "poor people" in Sweden!! Wtf, you can't be poor in Sweden if you try not to be! I mean we get free education and if you work hard in school you can have almost any job you want! So not having a good job is bascially your own goddamn fault!! I can understand people with like.. cancer or something who can't work because of that, but come on, you can't call the people poor!
     Also, the man talked about children who become outsiders because they may not be able to afford school trips or the newest cellphone, but whaaaat!??? Who the hell chooses their friends because of things like that?? It just makes me angry, him talking about "poor" people in Sweden. Okay, I can understand that being a single mom with 5 kids can be tough economically, but seriously, didn't she choose that life herself? They should focus on people who didn't have any choice but to live without money, not the ones who don't even try at all to make their lives better by getting a job or whatever. (I know, I'm not the most "understanding" or nicest person ever, but ever heard of freedom of speech?)...

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Alejandro said...

I agree with you, the standards of poverty can be completely different in diverse countries. If education and health are provided and you have 1 head and two hands then to be "poor" is simple irresponsable.

(you see.. I read it and actually I liked it :) )

Tirin said...

haha good boy :D:D