Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rome in 4 days! :D

 Hej hej! This is me today! wiiiieeee.... I'm gonna go eat lunch soon and then I have to go to school for Psychology (which I want to work with at home, but appearantly we can't, and I haven't finnished that goddamn book yet - because it suckssss...) and then French! I'm so awesome in French, hah..... :)

They say it will be raining all week (not today though)! What about Valborg then?? I don't want it to be raining then, it can't rain then! What will happen to all the biiiig fires? I want to sit by the fire and listen to my friend playing the guitar :) hehehe

And look at me, I'm wearing circle lenses! Though I won't wear them to school... My sight isn't as good as it usually is, with them, plus it's sorta annoying after a while to have them on xD

xoxo ミ☆


Anonymous said...

"I'm so awesome in French"
Haha c'est très drôle !!! :D
Et si je te dis que tu es mon petit sumo adoré, tu comprends? <3hehe :DD

Cati said...

hahah eeeeeelakt, i'm nooooo sumo!! xD