Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out with the girls~

Zlata & me (yeah I look stupid, I'm aware of that)
Hiya! Now I'm at home, just got back from a pub with some friends :) We watched the soccer game; MAN-BAY and just because everyone was cheering for Manchester, my friends thought it would be fun to cheer for the other team instead... xD By the way, guys are really weird.. there was this 30+ guy who walked up to us, stared at me and went "Do you girls want something to drink?" haha... was he talking to all of us or just me? Anyway, here are some photos in black&white!
Linn & Sara
Lina & Zlata

xoxo ミ☆


z said...

Oooiga! I look very social and hug loving x) which is not to be mixed up with drunk

Cati said...

superfulla-suparZlata! ;D;D