Monday, April 5, 2010

Japan: more photos!

Hello! Emil was just here to lend me his USB filled with photos from Japan! I wanna show you some :) and when I get photos from Linda, I'll make sure to show them to you as well! Get ready for a looong post! So here it goes;

Day 1, Shin-Yokohama;
At the Ramen museum! My teacher looks great as a half-naked man, ne?

Day 2, Yokohama;
In Yokohama, we got free redbull, and look at that school boy checking us out! ;)

In China town, I love the last photo ^^

Day 3, Tokyo;
In Akihabara, every nerd's paradise! ;P

Day 4, Tokyo;
At Komazawa university! Loved that teacher on the last photo! ♥ haha

At Aoyama junior high! The students were so adorable! and yes, we were not allowed to wear makeup.

In Shibuya

Day 5, Kyoto;
Haha love the photo of Jim at the hotel!

Day 5, Nara;
I loved Nara! It was so pretty and nice there ^^

Day 6, Kyoto;
Meeting Ayaka for the first time and walking around in Kyoto, it was great!

Day 7, Tokyo;
Linda and I met with Yuichi who showed us around in Harajuku!

Day 8, Narita;
We had a great time and we all want to go back someday! ♥

xoxo ミ☆

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