Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey, give me space so I can breathe......!!

Hej hej! Today I have to write on my book! It needs to be finished this week... right..... I also have to study French for tomorrow... Today I realized how beautiful it is with blue eyes! I love blue eyes, it's gorgeous! Thanks mom & dad for those genes ~♥ (of course, brown eyes are nice too)! I love the weather! 5 degrees C more and I could live here forever, even though I don't want to live here at all, really... xD
Today I got a mail from a clothing site, filled with photos of graduation dresses and shoes and everything, and it made me so excited!! I don't know what shoes to wear though... We're gonna walk around for hours in the centre of Västerås, so I can't wear high heels, can I...? Anyhow, gotta try on my dress again :D:D

xoxo ミ☆

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julien said...

inn france you've the 5°c more ^^ yepppppp !