Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stars glitter just like diamonds

Hi! Today I went to a meeting with everyone going to Japan this Saturday! Aaah, can't believe it's just two days left!! It's scary, but I'm soo excited! It'll be so much fun to see everything and to meet my Japanese friends :) I'll miss everyone at home though...

I have packed some things now, but far from everything, hah... I should finish packing today so I don't have to be stressed tomorrow. Hope it won't weigh too much!! I'm starving now, I haven't eaten lunch.. :(

I made my nails super cute yesterday! They're light pink with silver glitter! Love it (but I have to remove it when we visit that school......)! It doesn't look as cute in a photo as in real life, so I won't show you! :D hehehe Okay, I need to focus on packing today, and tomorrow will be my last post before I leave.

Miss me, but not too much
xoxo ミ☆

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