Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purikura time ~♥

Hej hej! I'm home during my long break (no CAE English today), and I thought I'd let you see some more purikura from Japan, since my blog was super weird yesterday and killed all the photos! So, here they are, enjoy (but sorry about the bad quality, but those photos are really small so it's difficult to make them look good after scanning them to the computer)!;

All of these are from Kyoto ♥
... wtf, Jonas, I've got a duck on my head (last photo)!!

These are from Nara :) Love that the guys look so girly! haha

From Akihabara! :D

This one is one of my favorites (except that Alex failed to keep her eyes open, haha)! It's also taken in Akihabara at the best purikura place we found in all the cities we went to! xD I love how the eyes look! They should so have purikura in Sweden; I would force everyone I know to take photos with me! ^^

Today during Japanese class, our teacher showed us letters that we got from the students at Aoyama junior high! So cute! :D

xoxo ミ☆

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