Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psychology test today...

At the moment, guess what I'm doing? I'm actually skipping P.E-class.... I knoooow I shouldn't, because my teacher will probably fail me since I'm never there (hehe...) but it can't be helped! I hate P.E. class and I have to study for the Psychology test that we'll have today! I didn't even use the computer yesterday - that's how much I studied (kinda)!

Today I straightened my hair! Wiiiiie it's sooo long! Love it! ♥ All our teachers are talking about how little time we've left in school, but in my opinion, we have too much time left! I wanna graduaaaate!! Oh and yesterday I went to a meeting about the trip to Rome in May! We'll travel with like.. 4 or 5 people I don't even know and an extra teacher! xD Hope we get a lot of free time... And appearantly the Italians in Rome dress in suits and long dresses/skirts, fully covered, when it's like 30-35°C! Crazy people!

xoxo ミ☆

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