Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Japan: Day 7

We went back to Shin-Yokohama and then went to Tokyo to visit the Tokyo tower! Linda and I was supposed to wait for Yuichi at a park, but then we realized there were like.. 4-5 parks with the same name around that area, so we had big problems finding each other! xD but we finally did and we went up in Tokyo tower! It was a fun day ^^

Tokyo Tower and Linda!

View from Tokyo tower

Later that day, we had to meet with the rest of the group at the Yokohama station to get our luggage and then go to Narita for our last night in Japan! The hotel was nice and I shared room with Linda and Alex! We had a pyjamas party at our hotel room and everyone came except for Selma and Henrietta (and our teacher, of course).

Alex posing with her shoes in the hotel room

Linda, Emil, Alex, David, Jimmy, Jonas, Sebastian's legs

Super ugly super party photo!

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