Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Japan: Day 5

We went to Kyoto! It took about 2 hours with train and we were almost shocked to see how big and luxurious the hotel was! We felt like we didn't fit in... xD Anyhow, we almost emediately decided to go to Nara instead of staying in Kyoto! So we took the train to Nara, which took 1 hour. It was so nice in Nara! We visited the temple (shrine? what's the difference?) with the giant Buddha and walked through the park with deers! We also saw a hair salon called "Salon ful ful" which when translated from Swedish means "Salon ugly ugly" haha xD


Deers (and Linda)



It was really nice to visit there but there were a lot of people, mostly Japanese! I saw a deer with a broken jaw :( Aww poor thing! Wanted to take it home and to a vet... Oh well... Nara is a really nice city! :)

Giant Buddha's home ;)

A bit of Sebastian's face and giant Buddha

In Nara

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