Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Japan: Day 4

We went to Shibuya in the morning! It was so cool to finally be there! I had wanted to visit for so long! We took photos with the statue of the dog, Hachiko (photo later)! We went to a Danish café in Shibuya as well, but I had just eaten breakfast so I didn't want anything.




Shibuya 109

Henrietta, Sebastian & Alexandra, at the café

We visited the Aoyama school and had our presentation in Japanese about Sweden! It wasn't that bad, actually and the kids were sooooo adorable! The girls fell in love with Sebastian, haha, so much fun ^^ We got questions such as "How do you sleep in summer when it's not dark in the night?" xD Cute kids! ~♥

Linda posing outside the school

We got origami presents from the students!

The Swedish table in the library at the school

The students wanted to see us so much, they climbed up tables to look into windows when we were in the principle's office xD Haha adorable! When we were leaving, they posed for photos (I'll show you later) together! I'll miss them! :D After Aoyama, we went to Komazawa university! We met this really cool teacher who liked ABBA! haha There will be photos of us at Komazawa university's website! We'll be famous!!! xD

Class at Komazawa

After the school visits we were in Shibuya and I was going to go shopping, but I was discriminated by a shop assistent at Liz Lisa!! :S She wouldn't let me try clothes on, that bitch! Just because her English sucks ass!! I was really pissed, so I didn't buy any clothes at all... Anyhow, we went to KFC to eat dinner with almost everyone, haha xD

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