Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Japan: Day 3

We went to Tokyo to hang around in the geek place Akihabara! It was soooo cool! Even though I'm not a nerd myself, I liked it there :) The super nerds in the class were so happy to be there! haha

Linda & Alexandra

I was with Linda and Alex almost all the time and we took a lot of purikura! It was so much fun and the photos turned out so cute ^^ Loved it! My cellphone is filled with photos now... I loved Akihabara at night, it was really pretty, but it started raining so it was freezing cold!

Purikura of the day

I met my friend Yuichi for a while at the Shin-Yokohama station during the evening! We were supposed to have met during the day, but my cellphone couldn't receive his texts and I couldn't pick up when he called because it would've been super expensive! Anyhow, we met and it was nice.. and I got that super cute Rilakkuma cushion from him :)

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