Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Japan: Day 1

Hated the flight (12 hours!!!) but it felt really unreal when we landed, as if we weren't really there at all! When we arrived at the airport, they had to take our fingerprints and a photo of us... it was really weird. We took the train from Narita to Shin-Yokohama and were surprised by how the houses looked! They were tiny and so close together! xD
Photo taken from the train

We later arrived at the Shin-Yokohama station, which was like 1min walk from our hotel! That was awesome... At the hotel, I felt a little dizzy... My guess is the small earthquakes! I could feel them all the time, haha... Anyhow, I shared room with Linda and after we had rested for a while, we decided to visit the Ramen museum which was close by! The basement there was sooo cool (photos later), it was like a small village, but inside a big room! A lot of small restaurants, super nice food! ♥

Watched Japanese TV at the hotel with Linda that night. Some shows are super weird and the commercial is really funny sometimes... xD We also discovered, when we were about to buy breakfast for the next morning, that Japanese people are crazy about super sweet white bread!! Seriously, bread with whip cream?? With chocolate or fruits? How about a normal sandwich? xD

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