Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy b-day mom!

Hej hej! Today, as all Thursdays, I started school at 12.00! But I was almost late, because I accidently watched a movie while eating Ben&Jerry's (which is super yummy with milk in it, try it!!!)... Today at Japanese class we ate cake and looked at photos from Japan :) We also gave our teacher a little trip to a spa... It was a nice lesson! ^^ We also talked about our presentation about the trip... I'll talk about the day in Kyoto :)

Also, I have a huge test tomorrow, but I don't know anything about that subject (it's literature history), so... yeah.... wish me good luck! xD Seriously, I never even read books! I'm not sure why, I only like writing books, not reading them! I guess it's because I can't control the plot or the language of others' books, so I don't really like them...

Look at this cute ice cream-thing I got from Z that she bought in Paris (yeah I know, ugly photos, but you'll have to live with that)!

I'll make a post with Japan-photos soon! I just have to get group photos from my friends :) Then you'll all see our (especially my) awesomeness!

xoxo ミ☆

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