Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ego sum...!

During Psychology class, a girl from some university came to give us a paper to fill in about the way we see ourselves and how much media is affecting us. Questions like "how much do you like this part of your body...?", "Do you often compare yourself to others?" and "Do you think you're pretty?" - and then we had to fill in how much we agreed to that. Quite interesting :) 

Hmm, I was thinking.. why am I even blogging? It's not like my life is interesting and I sometimes just write tråkiga skitsaker for you to read that you might not even understand! And who the hell is reading these boring texts anyways? xD Aww, I didn't mean to scare you, I won't stop blogging, I love it and I actually do it for myself (sorry)! I even dreamed about my blog, that's how much I love it ♥ (I also dreamed about a man almost killing a little boy, that our big house in Norberg was a super cool castle, that someone [not mentioning any names] reallyreally hated me and about a dog that we take care of a couple of times a year, uhm...)

I'mma go write a letter now :P

xoxo ミ☆


Juliennn said...

sexy sött vacker :p <3

Lime said...

Du verkar ju få en del kommentarer ändå på sista tiden (:p), men kör vidare med boring shit-stuff säger jag!

Cati said...

Tack Julien <3

och japp, det ska jag helt klart göra, Äml! :D