Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh my Goooood, I have been so annoyed this whole morning after reading an article in the local news (yeah, the same newspaper that ditched our story); There was this man who was applying for a job, but when he refused to shake hands with a woman there, saying it was against his religious believes, he didn't get the job, so he decided "hey why not sue them!" He actually won the case, can you believe that?? Since when do we value foreign religions more than our own women?! Who was really being discriminated here? This is preposterous (<- love that word)! People like that man take us back 100 years in time! Men and women are equal, for God's sake!! Just shake the woman's hand, it won't kill you (and while you're at it you should freakin' kiss her feet!)! This is Sweden - if you don't like our costums then don't f-ing move here!!

Oh my, this is at our hotel in Kyoto! Awesome view :'D

Aaaaand to move away from my aggressions, let's talk about the Japan trip instead. xD Our teacher said specifically to us today "Do not trust anyone you meet in Japan. Some people find foreigners attractive and they may want to trick you somehow". It also says on a paper we got; "Be careful with people you don't know. The criminality in Japan is rising and you can absolutely not go to places such as Shinjuku Kabuki-cho", haha... It also says on that paper that we have to be back at the hotel at the latest 22.30, because police have the right to "take care of" teens being out late. ;P

xoxo ミ☆

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Steph said...

What the hell! That dude is messed up!!! I don't think he should have won. and WOW haha your hotel looks VERY NICE!! i like it. and lol@ the foreigner thing. thats pretty funny. i think in any country people will try to take advantage of foreigners. be careful!